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Rules Kill Methods

Kill Methods

Players are encouraged to make their own versions of equipment listed in these rules. If it is not readily apparent that your homemade weapon constitutes an in-game threat, it must be clearly labelled as such in large block capitals. Homemade weapons may not be disguised as their components or materials.

No weapon may look realistic, consult a member of the Guild if you are unsure if your weapon is appropriate.

All weapons are equipment, but not all equipment are weapons. An item can be at most one type of equipment, so no combined knife/grenades.

The name of each weapon has been highlighted with the colour of the most restrictive zone it may be used in. Weapons classed as red have the most restrictions on their use (they can only be used between red players) whereas weapons classed as yellow have the fewest (they can be used between red, orange, and/or yellow players). Please see Rule 3 in the main rules document and the entry for each weapon for any additional constraints on its use. Also note that the colouring used is for the best case scenario- while a small paper ‘knife’ is appropriate for an yellow kill, an enormous sword is not. All players should use common sense when determining which kill methods to attempt in which situations.


Shadow Games ()

Instead of duelling using the method detailed under section 8 of the main rules, players may agree to ‘duel’ using other games or any other quantifiable contest which determines a clear winner. These are subject to the same rules as traditional duels. Shadow Games may take place between players of any colour so long as they do not make additional reference to these rules, such as a quiet game of cards in a bar or a videogame battle between two housemates.

Melee (/)

Toy knives, swords, axes, and so on, may be used. Homemade melee weapons must be no shorter than 15cm and composed of material no more basic than a full sheet of A4. All melee weapons have a ‘handle’, the area held by the weapon’s wielder, and a ‘blade’. A player is killed if the blade of a melee weapon held by another player touches any part of their person. Melee weapons must not have hard cores or constructed out of hard material e.g. a cardboard knife with a pen inside it for structural support. LARP safe weapons are allowed, provided they don’t look realistic (see above). 

Melee weapons are considered YELLOW if they are under ~30cm and ORANGE if they are between ~30cm and ~120cm. If you are unsure of whether your weapon is suitable for a YELLOW zone, please consult a member of the Guild.

Poison ()

You can poison someone by placing a marker or label with ‘POISON’ clearly visible on or under something another player intends to put in their mouth- typically food or drink. The marker or label should not contaminate any food or drink in any way. You can place the marker on plates, containers, packets, and so forth in order to poison the contents. The marker does not have to be visible to casual inspection. If the marker is removed or the contents are moved to a different plate, container etc., the contents are no longer poisoned. A player becomes poisoned if they place a poisoned item in their mouth. See Poisoned. This is a Deployable (see Weapon Types below).

Hot Potatoes ()

Any device with conditional noise making capacity, other than mobile phones and personal attack alarms, clearly marked with ‘HOT POTATO’ may be used. Examples include egg timers, alarm clocks, light sensors wired to buzzers, and so on. The hot potato can be placed in a pocket, bag, or generally on the person of your target. If it triggers and emits its sound, it immediately kills the person on whom it was planted, and anyone within arm’s length. Hot potatoes must not detonate for at least 10 seconds after deployment and may not be used on sleeping players. This is a Deployable (see Weapon Types below).

Electric Chairs ()

A piece of paper clearly marked ‘ELECTRIC CHAIR’ can be attached to any object clearly designed to be sat on (e.g. chairs, sofa, benches). This marker must be attached to an upper surface of the chair’s natural seat, arms, or back. The marker must be visible to casual inspection. A player is killed if they sit on a seat marked this way. This is a Deployable (see Weapon Types below).

Garrotting ()

Any length of weak, easily broken material, such as toilet paper, may be used. A player is killed if this toilet paper is broken across their upper torso by being pulled by another player from behind. If the would-be victim’s limbs or any held items come between their torso and the garotte as it breaks, it has no effect.

Smothering ()

A smother kill is made by leaving a clearly visible sign on top of or beside a sleeping player. This sign must be no smaller than A4, clearly stating that the sleeping person was smothered, the time it occurred, and the name of the killer.

Rigged Vehicles ()

A sticker, clearly labelled ‘RIGGED’, may be placed onto the exterior of a vehicle owned by another player. This sticker need not be visible to casual inspection. The next time the vehicle is moved by its typical method of locomotion, every person on the vehicle dies. This is a Deployable (see Weapon Types below).

Poisoned Lipstick ()

Any bright, exotic colour of lipstick can be applied to one’s lips. Kissing another player on the skin then poisons them as detailed below.

Sniper Rifles ()

Any straight, non-collapsible, cylindrical object at least 1m long with a bright orange tip, clearly labelled ‘SNIPER RIFLE’ may be used. To aim with a sniper rifle, its wielder must hold the weapon with both hands, point the tip towards the target, stand still, stare down the barrel, and count for 60 seconds. The aim is broken if the wielder’s line of sight to the target is broken or interrupted by anything (including transparent shields), and the count must restart. The target is killed if the count is completed successfully. After a sniper kill, the player must endeavour to inform the player they have killed as soon as possible.

Death Contract ()

A piece of paper with the phrase “I hereby forfeit my life to the Assassins Society” may be presented to an assassin. If the victim signs their name on the same bit of paper, they are then dead. The phrase must be visible to casual inspection (no invisible ink, coded messages, etc.). This is a Deployable (see Weapon Types below).

Guns ()

Toy guns that fire soft ammunition, such as foam darts or elastic bands, may be used. A player is killed if live ammunition launched from a gun strikes any part of their person. Modified dart guns are permitted in the game but must be appropriately checked by the Guild. Guns must not look realistic.

Throwables ()

Any equipment approved by the Guild for this purpose may be used. A player is killed if any part of their body is struck with a live throwable. Examples of throwables include hats with firm rims (as ‘razor edged bowlers’), toy shuriken or any small paper/card/plastic disc with no sharp edges (as ‘shuriken’), and ace of spades standard playing cards (as ‘the ace of spades’).
Throwables may be used as ORANGE melee weapons.

Grenades ()

Toy grenades, or grenade shaped objects may be used, providing they are at least the size of a tennis ball. A player is killed if any part of them is struck by a live grenade. If a thrown grenade is caught, it does not cause a kill. Grenades are explosive.

Miscellaneous Heavy Objects (M.H.Os) ()

Light pillows, cushions, duvets, blocks of polystyrene with no sharp edges, and so forth, clearly marked with ‘SAFE’, ‘ANVIL’, ‘PIANO’, ‘FRIDGE’, ‘M.H.O.’, and so on, may be used. M.H.Os can be dropped, propelled downwards, or indirectly released from a height of around one meter or greater. A player is killed if any part of their body is struck by a live M.H.O.

Bottomless Pits ()

Any size and shape of area covered with bubblewrap and marked ‘PIT’ as large and clearly as possible may be used. Bottomless Pits must be placed on the ground. A player is killed if both feet are in contact with a pit simultaneously. This is a Deployable (see Weapon Types below).

Monsters ()

Players may dress up and act as any obviously threatening and stereotypical monster, such as the Hulk, a zombie, a creeper, or a Vulcan Starfleet officer. While doing so, they gain the ability to kill other players by touching them. Monster kill ideas must be approved by the Guild. Costumes may not conceal the wearer’s face as per rule 11.

Blowpipes ()

Any device which propels soft ammunition using pressure created by a player’s lungs may be used. A player dies if they are hit by live ammunition from a blowpipe.

Deflection ()

Toy lightsabers may be used, and operate identically to other melee weapons. Additionally, a player who blocks another player’s live non-explosive ammunition or throwables that have not rebounded off any object or surface since becoming live with a lightsaber may point at the player who launched the blocked item and say ‘Deflect’ to immediately kill the indicated player.

Flamethrowers ()

Anything capable of blowing air, connected to red, orange and/or yellow string or ribbon may be used. A player is killed if any part of their body is touched by the string/ribbon while it is being blown by the air.

Remotes ()

Any remote controlled device approved by the Guild for this purpose may be used. A player is killed if any part of them is touched by an active remote. Victims are not responsible for damage caused to aggressive remotes. Ammo launched from remotes goes live as normal.

Bubbles ()

You may propel bubbles at your target using a bubblegun, bubble sword, bubble wand, and similar devices. A player is killed if any part of them is touched by a live bubble. Any player carrying such a device is immune to the effects of bubbles.

Rocket Balloons ()

Any balloon, preferably long stable rocket balloons may be used. The balloon is inflated and then released, not thrown while inflated (that would be a grenade). A player is killed if any part of them is hit by a live balloon.

Poisoned Darts ()

You may propel paper or light foam planes or darts clearly marked ‘POISONED’ at your target. A player is poisoned as detailed below if any part of them is hit by a live poisoned dart. Poisoned darts may not be fired from guns or blowpipes.

Voodoo Doll ()

You may make a small, handcrafted doll which resembles your target, and have it ratified for use by the Guild (which will require it to be a suitable likeness).
If you dramatically and clearly perform a ritual inflicting harm on a Voodoo Doll in a true likeness of your target within 20m of your target whilst having them in your line of sight for at least 20 seconds, they die. Breaking line of sight or moving out of range resets the count.

Vogon Poetry ()

Vogon Poetry is any piece of poetry approved by the Guild for this purpose. (The Guild considers original work far more favourably for approval). Players may begin a Vogon Poetry attack by reciting the title of the poem in a droning monotone voice, then reciting the poem itself. Any players who hear the poetry for 30 seconds are killed, including the player reading the poetry. Covering one’s ears with both empty hands, or otherwise taking suitable action to prevent oneself from hearing the poetry, stops the 30 second timer, and doing so for 5 seconds resets it. Vogon Poetry attacks can be conducted over the phone, radio, Skype, and so forth. No other equipment may be used whilst reading Vogon Poetry, excepting earmuffs. Vogon Poetry kills can be prevented with earmuffs.

Electrified Wires ()

Any easily breakable material (such as tissue paper) may be placed between two points (eg. wall and door or two walls) within your residence. The material must be visible to casual inspection and must not touch the floor. A player is killed is any part of their body or clothing breaks the material. The player is not killed if equipment is used to break the material. This is a Deployable (see Weapon Types below).

High Powered Guns ()

This refers to any gun of high power that is likely to cause disruption, including, but not limited to, Nerf Rival guns. These guns should not be fired inside or into buildings and must be approved by the Guild on a case by case basis. These guns otherwise follow the rules for ‘guns’. The Guild must be informed if you intend to use these during longgames.
The use of these guns in widegames is at the VP’s discretion.

Fire ()

An area on the ground, which does not contain any buildings, may be set on fire by surrounding it three times with unbroken red, orange, and/or yellow string. At the moment the surrounding of an area is completed, anyone inside the area dies immediately. If a player subsequently enters this area before the string is broken, they too are killed. The player who finally connects the string owns the trap, and therefore can claim any kill made by it. It is their responsibility to inform any player that they have been killed. Note this method is distinct from arson.

Launchers ()

Any bulky projectile weapon approved by the Guild for this purpose may be used. In addition to their normal function, ammo launched from them becomes explosive.

Traps ()

Players may arrange equipment from other kill methods to attempt to kill unwary players in their rooms (if they live in college) or in their houses (if they live out), in accordance with the kill methods listed previously. These traps must not unduly inconvenience others, including cleaners. All trap designs should be ratified by the Guild before they can be deployed or used. No trap may use a kill method as a component if it is likely that players of a more restrictive colour than that kill method will trigger it. Traps are Deployables.

Doomsday Devices ()

A Doomsday Device is a large device intended to cause massive destruction through a non-realistic method. It must be bulky, clearly labelled, obvious, and contain a clearly marked, unambiguous and trivial disabling mechanism (such as a piece of string which is cut, or a piece of paper which is torn). A device should be no smaller than 1mx1mx1m.


Before it can be used, the device must be approved. This is achieved by sending a picture of the device the day before intended use to the Guild, along with a list of 3 possible strike areas (eg ‘Elvet Riverside 1, 999c Gilesgate, Tees Block (Van Mildert) etc). Larger, more impressive devices (that require multiple people or significant effort to transport/construct) may affect larger areas at Guild discretion.

If the Guild approves the device and the locations, it becomes ARMED. They will then actively attempt to alert players who are potentially at risk from the Doomsday Device. If the Guild does not approve the device, the player(s) may try again from the following day.


Between 18:20 and 18:30 on the day of use, anyone who armed a doomsday device the previous day must attempt to contact a Guild member confirming that: the device has been deployed, which of the potential strike areas it is in, and the names of all players assisting in its deployment.

Once the Guild member has been successfully contacted, this starts the COUNTDOWN – a 30 minute window of time in which players may attempt to disarm the Doomsday Device. Any kills on or by players defending the Doomsday Device only resolve once the COUNTDOWN has finished and the device has either triggered or been disarmed (e.g. If a defending player is killed by an attacking player but the Doomsday Device is not disarmed and the attacking player is in the area, the attacking player is killed).

During the COUNTDOWN, if a player defending the device is killed by an attacker, they are unable to continue defending the device. If a player attacking the device is killed, they are unable to continue trying to disarm the device. During a pair-locking game such as Deathmatch, attacking players may kill defending players (and vice versa) whether or not they have locked out with them.

Making Kills

Once the COUNTDOWN is over, the Doomsday Device triggers. All players within the specific area who are not GREEN, other than those assisting with the deployment, are killed. After the Doomsday Device kills have been resolved, any other kills that were made are resolved as normal.

If there is any confusion about whether a player has been killed or not, assume that they have been killed. An ARMED doomsday device can be disarmed by the appropriate mechanism, and this ends the COUNTDOWN. This renders it entirely useless until the approval sequence has been completed once more.

An ARMED doomsday device which is not in position by 18:30 on the intended day of use backfires, killing its owner regardless of colour and location. During a pair-locking game such as Deathmatch when the device backfires, instead of killing its owner, it implodes, destroying the device and preventing it from being used during that game.

Kill Methods not usable in standard longgames

Arson ()

Please note that arson cannot currently be used in any of our games.

A structure may be set on fire by surrounding it three times with unbroken red, orange, and/or yellow string between the hours of 8am and 11pm. At the moment the surrounding of an area is completed, the person setting the fire must immediately phone the Vice President and tell him which building has been set ablaze. The Guild may then attempt to extinguish the fire, warn those inside, and execute the would-be arsonists. 30 minutes after the Guild have been informed, anyone inside the building immediately dies. Fire string cannot be run through non-red areas.

Water Guns ()

Water pistols may only be used at widegames at Guild discretion. A player is killed if an contiguous area greater than a 10p piece on their body is made wet by live water launched from a water gun.

Water Grenades ()

Balloons and so forth filled with water may only be used at widegames at Guild discretion. A player is killed if a contiguous area greater than a 10p piece on their body is made wet by live water from a live water grenade. If a thrown water grenade is caught, it does not cause a kill.

Weapon Types

Poisoned ()

A player dies fifteen minutes after they are poisoned. This time is reduced to one minute if they actually consume the entirety of the word ‘POISON’. If the poisoned player is green to their poisoner at the point the poison would kill them, it does not. Becoming green does not automatically remove the poisoned status. An antidote immediately stops the poison timer. See Antidote

Explosive ()

When an explosive weapon causes a kill, it also kills each other player roughly within arm’s length of the victim. Explosive weapons cannot be blocked or deflected by equipment, except Shields. Explosive weapons are launchers and grenades.

Deployable ()

Equipment which leaves an object in the world to be activated at a later time is ‘deployable’. Each player may have at most one instance of each deployable equipment in the field and not on their person at any given time. All deployables must be clearly marked with their type and your name.

The following kill methods are deemed to be “deployable”:

YELLOW – Hot Potato, Electric Chair, Poison, Rigged Vehicles, Sabotage (see below), Death Contract

ORANGE – Bottomless Pits, Electrified Wires

RED – Traps


Ammunition ()

Ammunition of all types, including water loaded into an appropriate container, is considered to be equipment. It must still go live as normal to cause kills.

Antidote ()

An antidote consists of anything which changes the colour of your tongue (such as food colouring), not merely masks it (such as chocolate). Once an antidote has been taken by a poisoned player, the poison is counteracted immediately. A player remains immune to the effects of poison for as long as their tongue remains coloured. A poisoned antidote acts as neither poison nor antidote.

Safe ()

A safe is a container of any size clearly labelled ‘SAFE’. A safe can only be opened and searched by the player who created it. Safes cannot be moved out of a player’s home address. Each player may have one safe at their home location.

Earmuffs ()

Earmuffs must be obviously visible, and impair hearing. When worn over the ears, they render the wearer immune to Vogon Poetry.

Sabotage ()

Weapons may be sabotaged by attaching a sticker, clearly labelled `SABOTAGED’, to any part of a non-melee weapon. This sticker should be visible to casual inspection. Ammunition launched from a sabotaged weapon does not become live. Sabotaged weapons do not kill when they normally would. Sabotage can be counteracted by removing or clearly crossing through the sticker. This is a deployable (see Weapon Types above).

Golden Bullets ()

Any ammunition, painted gold, awarded by the Guild can be used. Golden bullets cannot be transferred between players. If fired during a game, the golden bullet cannot be fired again. A player is killed if a golden bullet strikes them as normal, or strikes their equipment- it is not possible to block or deflect golden bullets.

Shields ()

A shield is a rigid object, clearly marked “SHIELD”, which has been ratified by the Guild for use. When held cleanly with both empty hands, the shield can be used to block live explosive and non-explosive ammunition. When not held cleanly in two hands, hits to the shield count as hits to any players holding the shield.