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Quick Start Guide

8 Step Assassination

This is a quick-start guide to introduce you to the society and get you killing your targets as fast as possible. If you are in any doubt, consult the comprehensive rules or email The Guild.

  1. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hunt and kill the targets given to you by The Guild. The Guild are the seven members of the society exec, and we’re in charge of running the game. We run many different types of game, but they all have one thing in common- there will be people whom you are able (and typically encouraged) to kill. Likewise, there will normally be people trying to kill you.
  2. There’s a great many ways to kill your targets, listed here. The two most common are to stab them with a knife or shoot them with a gun. If any part of your body is struck by a weapon or bullet, you instantly die. Other popular methods are thrown weapons such as shuriken and grenades. Due to the stealthy, ambush-filled nature of our main game, a concealed cardboard knife is often far more useful than a top-of-the-range dart gun. Water weapons can only be used at widegames.
  3. To prevent hassling the general public and preserve our overall sanity, there are a few places in which the game is restricted to varying degrees; you can check up on these at the rules page. These include (but are not limited to) lectures, commercial establishments, bars, libraries, the students’ union, dining halls, and any society events. Loitering outside these places while you wait for a target to come out is perfectly acceptable, as long as you don’t look threatening. If you do, you’re doing it wrong anyway.
  4. One of the most vital skills in our longer games is actually locating your target using the sparse information you’re given. While every player has their own way of doing this, ranging from the ultra-technical to the ultra-social, there are a few good places to start. Facebook can often reveal your target’s appearance and possible society interests. Friends are often chatty, and a surprising number will betray their friends to a visiting assassin just to see the hilarious results.
  5. Almost all of our games have some sort of teamwork component, so you can typically work with others to eliminate your targets. You can even have your `civilian’ (non-assassin) friends assist you in intelligence gathering, misdirection, and so forth- but never with a direct kill attempt in any way. In some games a Guild member will help your team coordinate, in others you’ll be left to fend for yourselves. In some games there may be ‘moles’ and undercover operatives hidden in amongst the teams, and in other games everyone will be known to be loyal to their cause.
  6. Our longer games are coordinated using a web-based system called Bureau, found here. Essentially it’s a system so we can tell you your targets, and you can tell us when you’ve killed someone so we can keep the game up to date. Bureau is quite easy to use and if you want to participate in our longgames you must sign up. If you have any problems contact The Guild here.
  7. We frequently hold socials, where any games in progress are paused while we have a barcrawl, film night, or something similar. We also run many types of shorter games. There are `Widegames’, in which we all kit up and run around a specific area shooting each other. We sometimes get a handful of players who avoid coming to these events for fear that their hunters will identify them. Each and every game demonstrates the advantage coming to socials gives you over people who missed out- you can invariably spot their faces coming at you from a mile off. So as well as being amazing fun, attendance also gives you an edge in the hunt. To keep up to date with our social events join our facebook group here.
  8. Above all else, always use your common sense. If you have an idea for a new kill method, let us know. In the rare event a University representative tells you to get lost, first do so, then let us know about it. If you have any questions that aren’t covered in this brief summary, check the comprehensive rules. If you’re ever in any doubt about anything, The Guild can always be contacted at [email protected]. Above all, enjoy the game!