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Honorary Life Members

The following are people who have been awarded with Honorary Life Membership of the Society for their contributions towards making DUAS one of the most popular and infamous student societies in Durham and one of the most efficient fighting forces on the planet. Older HLMs can be seen here.

Edward ‘Neigh Neigh’ Nathan

Edward may be noted for many things, the continuation of the presidential umbrella, how his might was such he existed in his own time zone 15 minutes behind everyone else and a ceaseless devotion to the society and its improvement.

Not content with introducing the popular Necro Zombies as librarian in his two years as President Ed truly came into his own. He established the Inclusivity Officer position, co-ordinated the 2018 Varsity at Durham, led the creation of the ‘BANG’ assassin societies’ networking group and pioneered actually having a good relationship with the DSU staff.

Like his predecessor, Ed left in style, blasting away all before him in the path to factions’ victory in a hail of foam-based death. We are given to understand he now seeks to harness the laws of the universe themselves to his whims.

We have been repeatedly reassured that despite appearences he is working to undermine Oxford from within.

Nicholas ‘Corner’ Rudd

Nicholas Rudd… Also known as “Richolas Nudd”, “Corner”, or “That Terrifying Assassin Outside the Physics Lectures with the Nerf Gun and Yellow Umbrella”, has been an integral part of the Assassins Society ever since being elected as Secretary in the summer of 2013

Nick, poorly suited to being a secretary due to his non-existent skills in literacy, was soon “promoted” to the role of President where he survived two and a half years in the role – making him the longest serving President as of his departure. He soon made a name for himself, working to promote a happy, dangerous and welcoming atmosphere within the society and Guild as well as a friendly working relationship with other Assassins societies and the students’ union. His presence within the society has made a remarkable positive influence on many aspects of the society.

Nick’s competency as an Assassin is yet to be confirmed as, though he is reported as having made many, many kills, most do not believe that someone that clumsy could be such a deadly assassin. He left Durham having claimed victory during Factions and thus finally, FINALLY, ridding Durham of the last clinging memories of Kivz Ae.

Tom ‘Tom’ Gissane

Tom was awarded his HLM for founding the Bounty Office in ‘13, and serving as the Bounty Officer until retiring in in the summer of ‘16. With bounty points equalling prizes, most assassins fear (with the rest hoping for) having a bounty set on their head.

John ‘Pavan’ Exton

A Man they called John! Fearsome leader of the Skunkworks, Pavan has been an integral part of the Assassins for many years. He was elected Finch Operator in 2011 where he revitalised and reinvigorated the R&D department to allow them to create some of the more terrifying guns the society has ever known. He then held the title of President from 2012 to January 2014 leading a fine and glorious Guild at which point, with his final clasps, he remained Vice President to March of that year.

John led a terrifyingly efficient and efficiently terrifying R&D Department during his time in the Assassins leading to a glorious Durham modding scene. As well as this, he is also known as a spectacular assassin with a record-breaking 52 kills in a single game.

Sean ‘The Void’ Stilwell

As terrifyingly pleasant as only the truly competent can be, if you’ve seen Sean, you’re probably already dead. It’s known to be impossible to get within arms length of Sean. Such is his skill with melee. In one game, he managed to get 46 kills with only a knife.

Sean was Treasurer from 2011-12 and successfully led the Inquisition in his time as Vice president 2012-2013 tricking many assassins to Durham for Varsity. As well as this, he led the way in ensuring society health and safety, monitoring First Aid and has been a general, all round badass.

Adam Symonds

Assassins around the world now shudder at the thought of this rainbow-adorned horror turning up at their doors, ready to talk to them about games. Several Sheffield freshers still have traumatic flashes to the weekend where he turned up for Varsity wearing the infamous Battle Pants ™.

Symonds joined the society “sometime in the distant past” but left it until 2009 to become Vice President followed by President from 2010-2012 and then Librarian in 12/13. He has been responsible for a significant amount of the modern assassins ruleset as well as bringing the society kicking and screaming into the 21st Century – introducing gametypes to rival Circle of Death, introducing the UK to Zombies and making strange and interesting rules that are still used today.

Adam ‘Groves’ Groves

The name “Groves” is now only said in terrified whispers or with a disappointed shake of the librarian’s head. He is known for creating and utilising terrifying guns and pushing the rules to their limit. He once [REDACTED] The entirety of St Aidan’s College causing [CLASSIFIED] to be removed from the active ruleset.

Groves finally left Durham after shamefully failing to produce a death star out of K’nex

Tim ‘Drekkit’ Campbell

No Biog yet.

Becky ‘BeckyBecky’ Ladley

Perpetually found at the geometric centre of any and all social events, BeckyBecky’s flirtatious attitude, love of poison lipstick kills, and lack of sensible clothing whatever the weather never failed to draw attention.

Organised socials between ’09 and her premature departure in ’11, including Durham’s Varsity in ’10 and and most of the GeekSoc socials during her term. Abruptly defeated the failcoup of ’08 when, after spending many hours infiltrating the group and reporting their movements to the Guild, panicked and felled them all with a single sword stroke. May have introduced the hostage social and [DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS] many Guild members, but don’t worry- it was nothing they couldn’t handle.

Chris ‘Albek’ Worth

Serving under the Symonds administration of ’10-’11 as Vice-President, Chris (or Inquisitor Grimm, as he was often known) was widely feared owing to his huge sword, fencing skills and ability to run at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light. His time on the Guild was effective and productive, particularly in leading training sessions before the Cambridge Raid of ’11, which the Guild maintains never happened and is just a rumour.

Few can say they’ve seen him without his trademark trenchcoat and wide-brimmed hat. He is furthermore notable for the ‘Sprout Cannon’, which [REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS] into [NAME DELETED]’s [CLASSIFIED].

Graham ‘G’ Smith

Arguably the most stylish assassin of the period, G could typically be found sporting a black coat, fedora, and glass of quality whisk(e)y. Attempted to found ‘The Drunken Inquisition’ while drunk; accidentally threw knife across room; target escaped.

Upheld the noble Finch Op tradition of [CLASSIFIED].

Jonathan ‘Moleytov’ Davis

So named for his short stature and awful eyesight- the fact that his college’s mascot was a giant papier mache mole is unrelated. Notable for his undying love of rum of all types, and ability to transform into ‘Mole-ip’ after half a bottle (like a normal Moley, except cuter and more likely to have his tummy tickled).

Moley served the society as Code Monkey competently at a time when no one else was willing, despite lacking all relevant skills on assuming the position. He played enthusiastically for many years, and although quiet never hesitated to express his views when asked.

Lawrence ‘Lloyd’ Chorley

Known for his signature strategy of ‘It’s a fair fight- run away!’ and his tendency to show up to battles unarmed, Lloyd could frequently be found making quiet cups of tea in inappropriate circumstances or trying to brutally and actually murder himself with some sort of horrifying new travel contraption. This man is the sole reason we class ‘kangaroo boots’ as a moving vehicle.

He held the unofficial position of ‘Weapons Officer’, in charge of repairing and upgrading our Armoury. Early attempts were somewhat lacking- we remember him sprinting away from combat trying to repressurise a bizarre water-gun-sniper-rifle at Varsity ’08, which Durham definitely did not attend. However, his work was seminal in the foundation of our now-flourishing R&D division.

Alex ‘Iskander’ Newsham

No Biog yet.

David ‘Crazy Dave’ Griffth

No Biog yet.

Alice ‘Alice’ Ambrose Griffth

No Biog yet.

David ‘Patsy’ Kaye

Named during his fresher days for an incident involving coconuts. Managed to uphold the noble tradition of dying first at Varsity, despite not being there.

He has been involved with the Society since basically forever, serving on almost every Guild position at some point, and it hasn’t keeled over and exploded (thus far) so he must have done something right. Competent, enthusiastic, and passionate about the Society.

Nicky ‘Edain’ Boak

In 2003 Edain left Durham for the elite training grounds of the USA, but returned to Durham in 2004 having been elected Vice-President in her absence. During her time as VP, Edain worked tirelessly to ensure that the society remained functioning, mainly so that she could seize power at the 2005 AGM.

Under Edain’s administration, the Guild received a reorganisation, running successfully on a 5 member Guild for her year of office. She, along with David ‘Patsy’ Kaye, certainly did not lead a very successful raid to Cambridge, however clouded her biographer’s recollections of the non-event are…

At the end of her term of office, Edain was awarded an HLM, thinking she would be able to get on with her PhD in peace, apart from going out killing occasionally; however, due to a resignation within the Guild, she reprised her role as Vice-President for a term, then unexpectedly ended up as Social Secretary in the summer of 2007 (again acting on a ‘temporary’ basis). During the Kaye administration of 2008-9, despite no longer being a student, she was given control over the Finches, leading to her being the person who has probably served on the greatest number of different positions on the Guild.

Rob ‘Rob’ Taylor

No biog yet.