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Game Necromantic Zombies

Necromantic Zombies Rules

Each player starts the game as either a Survivor or a Infected. Unless told otherwise, you begin as a Survivor. The Infected are trying to kill as many Survivors as possible, while the Survivors are attempting to build a team for evacuation.

During Necromantic Zombies, all Survivors start off on their own team and the aim is to recruit as many players as they can to their team.

Before the game, everyone must send the name of their team to a member of the Guild. This name must not be deliberately misleading, offensive, or break any of the rules listed in 1.1 (So, Team Haribo, Team Hastur and Team President are fine… Team Butts, Team Man Down and Team I’m on your Team are not). The Guild will publish a list of all the players in the game and what their original team is. This will not be updated during the game.


  • Can only use the following weapons: Small Guns (nothing more powerful than a modded Strongarm), Poison, Miscellaneous Heavy Objects, Bottomless Pits, Flamethrowers, Remotes, Rocket Balloons, and Traps.
  • Can carry at most 6 darts at a time.
  • When ‘killed’ by an Infected according to normal rules, take a wound.
  • After taking 3 wounds by an Infected, immediately become Infected.
  • If eaten by an Infected whilst dead, immediately become an Infected.
  • Cannot move faster than a jog.
  • The Guild may, at their discretion, decide that a Survivor who has taken a wound has ‘succumbed to their wounds’ and immediately becomes an Infected.
  • If they become an Infected, they should inform the Guild (preferably the Librarian) as soon as possible.


  • Do not use weapons, but inflict wounds by touching their target.
  • Strike no faster than once per 3 seconds.
  • Cannot move faster than a jog.
  • Cannot use words other than ‘Brains’ in the presence of a Survivor who could kill them (though it is expected that they’ll strategise away from the Survivors).
  • The Guild actively work with Facebook, and other major social media providers. In usual circumstances the Facebook Infected Translator is activated. Over Facebook (and other digital text channels) it is impossible to distinguish those who are Infected. Please see Rule 12.4 for further guidance.
  • Must give some indication they are an Infected before beginning a kill attempt (raise their hands in front of them, declare “Brains”, etc).
  • If killed, respawn after at least 20 seconds, at least 20m from all Survivors and at least vaguely hidden.
  • Have access to the details of all Survivors.
  • May use doomsday devices at the Guild’s discretion.
  • There are 3 types of Infected. Each infected player chooses one, and can change their choice at their listed address or if they haven’t seen any Survivors for the last hour.
  • An Infected’s attack is YELLOW, however it should not be obvious to non players that you are playing the game in a YELLOW zone. As normal Infected need to announce their presence before starting a kill attempt, they should not attack in a YELLOW zone. The exception to this being grabbers, who can wield melee weapons (normal colour rules are still applicable), and do not need to audibly announce their presence. Rules 1.2 and 3.2 should give guidance.

Infected Types

  • Grabbers Can use up to 2 sword-length or shorter melee weapons. They can block shots with these, and having these weapons drawn counts as giving indication when beginning a kill attempt.
  • Runners Can move at any speed while alive (colour and safety rules still take precedence).
  • Brutes When shot by a dart for the first time each life, stagger and stop for at least 1 second, but don’t die.


  • If there’s any doubt about whether or not a Survivor or an Infected struck first in a near-mutual, assume the Survivor did.
  • Survivors are strongly encouraged to coordinate with others on their team.
  • When the game has started, you must try to recruit people to your team. In order to do this, you must first kill them. When killed a player is considered TEAMLESS: they cannot use equipment and should avoid moving from where they were killed for 1 minute or until revived. Any assassin can then tag them on the shoulder and say “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, I resurrect you to Team X”. After the assassin has finished the chant, the victim then becomes loyal to the first player’s team. If an Infected reaches the player, then they can eat the player, by placing two hands on the player and slowing saying ‘nom’ ten times.
  • Survivors cannot use weapons when reviving, but can dodge attacks, however the hand placed on the other player must remain anchored.
  • You may not recruit people to a team if you are TEAMLESS. If you have not been resurrected to a team for 1 minute after you have been killed, you revert back to the team you were on prior to you becoming TEAMLESS, unless another player is nearby. You may recruit a TEAMLESS player to your team even if you were not the one who killed them.
  • If there is uncertainty over who was the first one to hit (a “mutual”), both players are dead. If they are not revived (and hence respawn onto their previous them), the players should call a TRUCE. They may then depart and agree to not try to kill each other again until they have properly parted ways (10 minutes).
  • An example situation is “Player A kills Player B. While Player A is resurrecting Player B, Player C kills Player A. Player C may then recruit Player A and Player B.”
  • For this game, we will NOT be using a game engine (such as Bureau). Instead, we will be operating a TRUST system. If you believe the kill made on you was against the rules, you may declare yourself GREEN. For this time, you may not make any kills or be killed and are TEAMLESS. You must, at your earliest convenience, contact a Guild member who will attempt to resolve the kill speedily. During this game, your first point of call should be the current Librarian.
  • Please be aware of your actions when travelling around in hordes in public places. As such, assassins should not engage in fights in groups larger than 5 in areas such as the Science Site and the centre of town. Infected in particular are encouraged to not hoard directly outside a society event or lecture, as to form a barrier to players attempting to reach such events.
  • Your team is understood to be part of your game state – if asked your team you must answer truthfully.
  • An evacuation is in progress; a chopper will land somewhere in Durham in roughly 2 weeks. You will be alerted by the Guild when and where this happens. Only one team can control the chopper, and all team members who are on the chopper win the game. You gain control of the chopper by being the only team inside it for 1 minute.
    Be ready!
  • The chopper is armed with infected targeting automatic defences, meaning infected cannot enter the chopper. Due to the imperative need for FinchCorp to prevent the infection being carried on the chopper, any players who die and become TEAMLESS cannot be revived and will be abandoned to the Infected horde.
  • Roleplaying is encouraged!