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Rules Widegames

Widegame Rules

  • This page contains rules relevant to our general conduct at widegames. This page contains ‘nothing new’ for established members, but rather codifies our established ‘traditional’ practice in written form.
  • If a player has one hand clearly raised in the air, they are “not there”, this is the sign we use to show when a player is dead. You cannot perceive or interact with them for any reason. Don’t put your hand in the air like this unless you’re dead or otherwise have otherwise been specifically told that you can.
  • Unless otherwise specified, players may not use “not here” to surprise other players, such as ending and it immediately opening fire. In this case you should count down the final ten seconds of your respawn, generally making it clear to everyone in the area that you’re about to be alive again. In most games that involve respawns you will be set a respawn point. This is where you must respawn. If this is not the case, you will be told the respawn rules before the game begins.
  • Ammunition, projectiles, and other equipment will need to be collected and guns reloaded between games. Before we leave a site, we also one final, more thorough ammo sweep. All players are expected to actively assist with this. We do not mark our own darts- they are considered a fungible resource, and The Guild frequently buys darts in bulk for players to use in addition to their own reserves. It is, however, inevitable that every player will lose some darts after each engagement. Unless otherwise specified, reloading guns with darts from the ground during play is fine. Dead players can collect darts for themselves and/or others so long as they don’t get in the way of active players and make it very clear to other players that they are dead.
  • Some things will require players to keep track of time. It is recommended all players have a watch and/or other timekeeping device to help with this. In any case, players are expected to make their best and more honest attempt at counting in seconds.
  • Besides our overarching policy of common sense, the following safety rules apply to all our widegames:
    1. No physical contact. This means that no punching, tackling, biting, spitting, tickling, or gouging is allowed.
    2. No climbing. This includes trees, fences and walls.
    3. Do not go outside the defined boundaries of the game during play. The boundaries of each location will be explained at the start of each event.
    4. Don’t intentionally aim for the head – the body is a larger and much better target.
    5. Be aware of our two safety calls:
      1. CEASEFIRE: The guild will call this if civilians (people who aren’t taking part in our activities) have walked into the game area. Upon hearing the call, stop playing the game, stand still and repeat the call. Don’t make any in-game actions such as reloading or moving. The Guild will count the game back in when civilians have left the area.
      2. MAN DOWN: Used if someone is injured. If you hurt yourself call Man Down. If you see someone else fall over and appear to hurt themselves, don’t call Man Down unless it is apparent that they are unable to do so themselves. If you hear a man down call stop playing, repeat the call once and point in the direction you first heard it so that the first aider can find the injured person. The Guild will call the game back in when the situation has been dealt with
  • Common games include:
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Necro-Deathmatch
    • Bomb the Base
    • Capture the Flag
    • Buddies
    • Battle Royale
    • Hunger Games
    • Commanders
    • “I Da Man”
    • Zombies