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Rules Coups

Coup Rules

A coup is an event that does not run during longgames, lasting up to a week, in which one or more non-Guild players attempt to hunt down and kill as many members of The Guild as possible. A coup, regardless of success or failure, has no effect on the running of the society.

The Guild is unlikely to allow more than one coup attempt per year. Coups attempts are expected to be set up and conducted in good spirit, and players are encouraged use as much planning, wit and cunning as they can muster. The Guild reserves the right to cancel, postpone or refuse to run any coup it feels would be detrimental to the overall running of the society.

To organise a coup, a group of assassins contacts the Guild letting them know that they wish to perform a coup, the guild will then organise a time for this. The group will then be informed of a window of time in which their coup may begin and the length of the event.

To initiate a coup, the players making the attempt must write a coup declaration. These players will now be referred to as “the Rebels”. This should include humorous reasons for the coup, and newly invented Guild positions they intend to create and fill. This declaration must be clearly posted on the Facebook page, along with a link to these rules. The President must then respond to the coup declaration on the Facebook page. After they have done so, the coup begins. It is the responsibility of the President to recognise a coup attempt as quickly as possible.

The Rules for a Coup

  • This is a one life game, once you’ve died once you are out of the game.
  • A neutral player (not a member of The Guild or the Rebels) may work for whichever side they want.
  • The Guild or Rebels may not attack a neutral player unless they make a SAM against them.
  • Upon death, members of The Guild and Rebels must post on the Facebook page informing people of this fact and the name of their killer.
  • At the start of the Coup, the Bounty Office shall place a bounty on each Rebel. The Rebels are encouraged to place their own bounties on the Guild, which the Bounty Office will accept.

A coup succeeds if at any point every Guild member within Durham has been killed. All surviving players who, in the opinion of The Guild, were instrumental in the success of the coup will receive the ‘Guy Fawkes Award For A Successful Coup’.

A coup fails if at any point all Rebels within Durham have been killed, or the time given for the game expires. All players who, in the opinion of The Guild, were instrumental in the defeat of the coup will receive the ‘Thomas Knyvet Award For Defeating A Coup’.