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Game Tides of Battle

Tides of Battle Rules

  • Each player is trying to get the highest number of points, which is usually equivalent to the most active player with the most kills. This game will use Google Sheets to track each player’s points, and Google Forms to submit kill reports.
  • At the start of the game, all players start with a certain number of points. The number of points each person starts with will be equal to the number of players rounded down to the nearest 5.
  • Each player has every other player as a target. Once a player is killed by another player, that pairing becomes locked and they may not target each other again until 6am the next day. Each is still free to target other players that they are not pairlocked with that day.
  • When one player kills another player, the player that made the kill gains one point, and the player that was killed loses one point. If a player has only one point and is killed, they do not lose any points, and the person who killed them gains no points.
  • The current number of points each player has is public gamestate information, and is accessible to everyone.
  • When a player makes a kill, if they made a kill the day before, they have begun a ‘streak’. This means that they get a number of bonus points equal to the number of days in the streak so far minus one for each kill they make. This means players with streaks gain one extra point per kill on the second day of the streak, two extra on the third day, and so on. A streak is broken when a player does not make a kill on a day when the preceding day was part of a streak.
  • This game uses bounties. Players can gain points from completing bounties, and can use their points to place a bounty. These points will be immediately taken from the player’s point balance. Bounties can be claimed on players that the bounty hunter is already pairlocked with, however no transfer of points between the players will occur, and the player claiming the bounty should not submit a kill report.