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Game Deathmatch

Deathmatch Rules

  • Your objective is to kill as many different individual assassins as you can. This game uses the game engine Bureau to track who each player has killed and their score.
  • Each player is given every other player as a target by the game engine. Each player is trying to get the highest score, which is usually equivalent to most kills.
  • When a player kills another player, the killer gains a point and the victim loses no points. This locks the pairing between those two players, meaning that they cannot kill or gain points from each other for the rest of the game. The victim immediately respawns.
  • Players may act as each others’ accomplices and cooperate fully once their pairing has been locked.
  • Note that this means, if several players are working together to hunt a single target, the target needs to resolve combat with each attacker. That is, if A B and C jump player D, and A and B shoot D in rapid succession, D can still fight back against and kill C.
  • Minor in-game offenses, such as killing innocents, are typically dealt with by The Guild offering additional incentives and/or points for other players to kill the offender.