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Game Cylons

Cylons Rules

  • Each player is assigned to a team, Humans or Cylons.
  • Humans must survive until the end of the game and win the final stand battle against the Cylons.
  • Cylons must kill all humans.
  • When a player is killed with a valid kill method they lose one hitpoint.
  • With kill methods (such as fire traps) that a player could repeatedly lose a hit to, if a player would do so they lose 1 more hit every 3 seconds after losing their first hit, if that kill method would still affect them (eg. they remain in the fire trap).
  • If a player reaches zero hits they die and may not respawn until 6 am the next day.
  • This game does not use bounties.
  • No fully-automatic guns (those which do not require the trigger to be pulled for each dart or other projectile fired) may be used in this game. If in doubt consult the librarian.
  • The number of hits you have remaining is private ingame information.

Please note:

  • Killing a player reveals your presence to them, this means that if you kill a player in a YELLOW zone (eg. with a small melee weapon) you become spotted to that player and cannot therefore score a second kill on them until you have properly parted ways.
  • Human and Cylon Agent players can use all kill methods.
  • All players may attempt to kill all other players, though Humans are advised not to kill all fellow survivors, you’ll need all the help you can get.
  • Please be aware that this game will NOT be using Bureau.


  • Have 5 hitpoints, and lose one when killed as normal.
  • When a human player reaches zero hit points and dies, they respawn at 6 am the next day as a Cylon Centurion.
  • Every 4 days there is a target number of Humans to keep alive, based on the number of starting Human players. If that many Humans remain alive at the time the target passes the Humans gain a reward. Unrevealed Cylon agents are counted towards the total of living Humans.
  • The Guild may at any time inform a Human that they are in fact a sleeper agent. When this happens, the player immidiately becomes a Cylon Agent.


There are two types of Cylons:

Cylon Centurions

  • Have 2 hitpoints, and loose one when killed as normal.
  • May use guns no-larger than a strongarm and short melee weapons only.
  • May not use any words or phrases other than ‘By your command’ and ‘roger roger’ in the presence of any living Humans who might overhear them.
  • Move no faster than a jog.
  • Respawn with two hits at 6 am each day.

Cylon Agents

  • Have 5 hitpoints, and loose one when killed as normal.
  • Will appear to be a Human, and unless stated otherwise follow the rules for Humans.
  • May not attack the same Human more than once every 3 seconds.
  • If a Cylon Agent is revealed to be a Cylon, at 6 am the next day they will respawn as a centurion – Cylon Agents are revealed when a human player becomes aware they are a Cylon (through in-game information) and survives to contact a Guild member, ideally the Libraian.