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Game Circles of Death

Circles of Death Rules

  • Each player is trying to get the highest score, which is usually equivalent to most kills. This game uses the game engine Bureau to track who each player has killed and their score.
  • Players are always in one of three concentric circles. Depending on how active, and how successful you have been in the game, the closer to the center you will be.
  • Each player has three different targets, one chosen from the inner circle, and two from either the middle or inner circles. You have until your deadline to kill your targets. Once your deadline has passed, you have killed all three targets (and the kills have been approved by the Guild), or if your targets have killed you, you will be given three new targets.
  • ‘If you are killed by your target or if you killed them that pairing is locked until one of the players is assigned new targets.
  • You only get points for killing your targets.
  • If, when you are reallocated targets, you have:
    • No kills, you are moved to the outer circle.
    • 1 or 2 kills, you are moved to the middle circle.
    • 3 kills, you are moved to the inner circle.
    • If you are in the outer circle and make a kill, you are instantly moved to the middle circle.
  • No player should receive any of the same targets that they had in the previous deadline, and nor should they be hunting anyone hunting them.
  • As Circles of Death is a targeted game type, you should not hunt players who you are not assigned as a target. However, if you are in the inner circle you will also have a person hunting you. Therefore, should a person make a serious aggressive motion towards you, you can assume they are hunting you, and therefore you may kill them in self-defence