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Interested in joining?

We always love to have new members, throughout the year! Send a message to any of The Guild and we’ll set you up ASAP!

Games and Socials(updated 12/10/2021)

Our next longgame starts on the 20th of October

Our next social is on the 19th of October

Keep following the website, join our Discord server here or join the facebook group here to keep updated on events and games!

About Us

The Durham University Assassins Society is one of the oldest and most active Assassins Societies in the world. We run at least one full time game in each term and have regular socials and shorter games all through the year.

Our games are extremely varied. Longgames involve members of the society hunting and killing each other across Durham using a variety of safe ‘weaponry’. In widegames we meet up in a park and play shorter games such as ‘Escort the VIP’ and ‘Zombies’. We also take part in annual ‘Varsity’ games with similar societies across the country. For more information on our games, please read the Rules.

We also meet up regularly for social activities, bar crawls, video nights, and larger parties in conjunction with other societies. We also run a variety of fun activities to try and sort the wolves from the sheep.

Membership requires skill, cunning and alertness. Some members turn into cool, calm, collected and ruthlessly efficient killing machines, whereas others become jibbering wrecks, torn apart by paranoia, lying awake at night huddled close to their excessive arsenal of destructive weaponry.

So if you think you can cope with pressure, if you think you have the skill and speed of thought necessary to spot a hunter as he weaves through a crowd of innocents, and if you think you can cope with your mates casting scornful glances at you as you polish your dart guns, then sign up and show us what you’re made of!


The Assassins’ Society is part of the ‘Geeksoc’, a collection of student groups including General LARP, Treasure Trap, Games Society and Durham Uni E-Sports and Gaming. There is a Geeksoc Discord server and a Facebook group

Information for other Assassins groups

If you wish to use our game engine, Bureau (found here – link broken), it is free and you are welcome to use it. The Guild can put you in contact with the creator.

‘Varsity’ is an annual UK assassins get together where we play several huge games and generally get to know each other.