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Game Zombies

Zombies! Rules

Each player starts the game as either a Survivor or an Infected. Unless told otherwise, you begin as a Survivor. The Infected are trying to kill as many Survivors as possible, while the Survivors simply need to attempt to survive. This game uses Bureau to track the status of the survivors.


  • Can use the following weapons: Small Guns (nothing more powerful than a modded Strongarm), Sniper Rifles, Poison, Miscellaneous Heavy Objects, Bottomless Pits, Flamethrowers, Remotes, Rocket Balloons, and Traps.
  • Can carry at most 6 darts at a time.
  • Gain a permanent extra 6 darts to their maximum on killing another Survivor.
  • Can reuse darts off the ground.
  • When ‘killed’ by an Infected according to normal rules, take a wound.
  • After taking 3 wounds by an Infected, immediately become Infected.
  • Die immediately after being killed by a Survivor. If killed by another Survivor, cannot respawn (as Infected) until 6am the next day.
  • Cannot move faster than a jog.
  • The Guild may, at their discretion, decide that a Survivor who has taken a wound has “succumbed to their wounds” and immediately becomes Infected.
  • Only have access to the number of remaining survivors.


  • Do not use weapons, but inflict wounds by touching their target.
  • Strike no faster than once per 3 seconds.
  • Cannot move faster than a jog.
  • Cannot use words other than ‘Brains’ in the presence of a Survivor who could kill them (though it is expected that they’ll strategise away from the Survivors).
  • Must give some indication they are Infected when beginning a kill attempt (raise their hands in front of them, declare “Brains”, etc).
  • If killed, respawn after at least 20 seconds, at least 20m from all Survivors and at least vaguely hidden.
  • Have access to the details of all Survivors.
  • May use doomsday devices at the Guild’s discretion.
  • There are 3 types of Infected. Each Infected player chooses one, and can change their choice at their listed address or if they haven’t seen any Survivors for the last hour.
    • Grabbers Can use up to 2 sword-length or shorter melee weapons. They can block shots with these, and having these weapons drawn counts as giving indication when beginning a kill attempt.
    • Runners Can move at any speed while alive (colour and safety rules still take precedence).
    • Brutes When shot by a dart for the first time each life, stagger and stop for at least 1 second, but don’t die.
  • An Infected’s attack is YELLOW, however it should not be obvious to non players that you are playing the game in a YELLOW zone. As normal zombies need to announce their presence before starting a kill attempt, they should not attack in a YELLOW zone. The exception to this being grabbers, who can wield melee weapons (normal colour rules are still applicable), and do not need to audibly announce their presence. Rules 1.2 and 3.2 should give guidance.
  • The Guild actively work with Facebook, and other major social media providers. In usual circumstances the Facebook Infected Translator is activated. Over Facebook (and other digital text channels) it is impossible to distinguish those who are Infected. Please see Rule 12.4 for futher guidance.


  • This game uses Bureau. Only a kill that turns a player into an Infected should be recorded (not wounds or kills on already Infected). You should clarify a player’s status with them when you kill them. The kill method for a Infected’s normal attack should be “BRAINS”.
  • If there’s any doubt about whether or not a Survivor or an Infected struck first in a near-mutual, assume the Survivor did.
  • Survivors are strongly encouraged to coordinate with each other.
  • An evacuation is in progress; a chopper will land somewhere in Durham in roughly 2 weeks. You will be alerted by the Guild when and where this happens. If a Survivor manages to reach the chopper alive, they have succeeded. Be ready!
  • Roleplaying is encouraged!